My box braids w/ my favorite color


    I think I’m thee only natural to say that I like when people touch my natural hair. NOW! If they do it WITHOUT asking, then I see where you coming from  but here’s why

    I’m married to my hair and I love to show it off to the world. If someone ask can they touch my hair…..I don’t mind. I was that girl when I had a relaxer, I let people play in my hair becuz hell it felt good, so why would I be bothered if someone pinched a curl to see if it was mine? Hell that’s slapping them in the face becuz they don’t wanna believe its mine.

    If you don’t like ppl to touch your hair, that’s you fine but I love it!! I read some of these post and I find some women get kinda offended when someone outside our race asks if they could touch our hair. I remember plenty of times I was in situations where everybody would ask the bi racial kids that question 24/7 or that young black man with Indian in his blood (Both didn’t mind at all) but when it comes to us, we’re ready to shoot somebody RELAXED or NATURAL…wait tho…I heard that “DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR” from ladies who are relaxed but when I read post or videos about DON’T TOUCH MY NATURAL HAIR I said to myself “The cycle doesn’t end”

    Outside our race, people are fascinated by us and our hair and, I like that. I embrace that I’m black and I have a head full of curls. Caucasian woman don’t try to be rude or mean, they’re just curious about OUR HAIR but we take it that way. Tell em, Teach it, Explain it becuz at the end of the day, that’s all they’re doing (tho some may come off ignorant) but we’re all like:


    I mean even if you don’t want them to touch it Damn at least smile that somebody was acknowledging ya damn head don’t get an attitude, I see a lot of that shit, and to be perfectly honest….U look ugly and that’s not cute

    Oh Hair Grease Oh Hair Grease

    Just like every other natural, I jumped on the bandwagon and did that “no sulfate shampoo, no silicone, and especially nothing that contains PETROLEUM and MINERAL OIL. I was trying to figure out what to do w/ my hair; it was in a fro and all I ask my hair to do was fall, to be tamed. My hair is extremely thick, its nothing like these fine texture beauties that their hair just automatically falls. So I just gave up and went in my father’s room to get his Softee Grease (He kept recommending to me) and boy when I tell you my hair was tamed, IT WAS TAMED. After I two stand twist, I decided to watch some more YouTube Naturalistas and their opinion on Hair Grease and I tell ya, its more positive than negative. Hair Grease was in our natural hair waaaayyyy before these new products came out and can’t no one tell me their hair wasn’t long and soft…..I felt ashamed after doubting it because it made my hair long, and it was grease that grew my healthy hair. I took down my twist and OMG it was soft and it FELL! Spending money on products that disappointed me all the time and here was this $1 grease that did everything I wanted it to. Now I use grease as a sealant, not to moisture my hair but help my hair mold the twist and have some major hang time. I’m tired of the curly girl method, I’m on the old skool method the one that started it all

    Breaking all the hair rules and doing wat my hair likes, grease I’ll never doubt u again! (Taken with Instagram)

    Where are you guyz?!!!

    I’m pretty much upset because no matter where I go to on the web whether its YouTube, Tumblr, or Google, I always see…One type hair and curls all over but hardly see women w/ two to three textures in my hair especially w/ thick course hair. I have 3B, 3C & 4A hair and its difficult to wanna see how my hair would look if it was down my back because I can’t find my hair twin. My hair is curly but w/ densely patches of hair that doesn’t form a curl so it just looks like my curls are hiding under a patch of tightly packed hair. Now I do see women on YouTube w/ different textures but their hair is in a short state like mine so I can’t determine how my hair would look as it grows. Its frustrating because I want women w/ my kinda hair to give me advice and tips on treating 3 different hair types instead of just one in particular

    I still don’t get it…

    We’re changing the world w/ our hair. I, myself, am not a fan of the fro but other styles instead. There are many many many hair styles we could to w/ our natural hair but people (mostly our own) are still against natural hair. I just don’t get all of the ignorance going on in the world today. And our hair textures come in many shapes and form, whether our hair is 3b to 4c. I’ve watched a lot of videos on YouTube and I watched some hair routines from Bi/Multi-racial ppl who pretty much have the same hair type as ours (from silky shiny-to-woolie wonderland lol) and their hair is beautiful. They can allow them to wear their hair like so because of their ethnicity but we as, well I don’t like to put myself in one category because everyone has variety of races in their bloodline,(BUT) black women aren’t allowed to wear the hair we were born with. Its not even the fact its 3b to 3c hair but more of 4 type hair which people refer to as KINKY. I have 3 different textures n my hair so its crazy wild lol but I just wish ppl would let us b us and wear our hair w/o being ashamed. We can rock more than the afro


    One thing….just one thing

    As much as I loooooovvvveeee my natural hair and its been 6 months, I look at the other ladies w/ finer textures than mine and I’m like 


    Not becuz I want their texture but mines is a lil bit hard to handle, I wanna flat iron my hair really soon and my texture is very course in the middle PLUS when it dries, the shine and moisture just disappears

    My hands always hurt when I detangle, I make a mess in the bathroom w/ conditioner EVERYWHERE, and trying to french braid to the back of my hair o_O.

    When you have a thicker texture, everything is twice as much but I just wanted to get that out *sighs* Now….

     Off to detangling *hangs head*

    At the resort

    My beautiful defined curls

    First braid out

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